Dear subscribers and crypto friends!

We are inviting you to join our projects promotional tournament in Splinterlands — The Crossworlds cup!
This time we are going to give out our first premium NFT to the winner and distribute CWAT tokens between the top ten players besides the regular SPS prizes



Dear subscribers and friends!

We invite you to join our Splinterlands tournament — the Crossworlds cup!

Each participant will receive our CWAT token besides the main prizes. This is our way to give back to the Hive community which very quickly became our home.

With this event we would also like to point out that our project will enter the first pre-seed and angel investor NFT sale very soon!

You can register for the tournament via the link

We will announce the sale and distribution in the next coming weeks and with the best possible prices so keep an eye out for further news and grab yourself some awesome assets!

Good luck to everybody!

Crossworlds team

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Hello people!

We have yet another awesome update for you!

Our staking platform is live and its super easy to use!

If you have a pepecash wallet you can already connect it and start staking PEPECASH for WRCWAT!

Very soon we will present a more detailed document explaining and outlining our staking possibilities and ideas.

In the nearest future you can expect staking with XCP and DOGE!



Hello friends!

Its time we introduce you to another milestone of our work!

Have a look at the whitepaper here!

Our team is proud to share its vision, goals and the mechanics of Crossworlds.

This document will give you an in-depth view on what we have been working on and what are our projects fundamentals.

We are very exited to share this with the world and we are looking forward to providing you with a truly unique and exiting gaming experience.

Feel free to have a read and if you have any questions please let us know!

Check out our website for more info