Introducing our new Crossworlds hero - Edward-01301!

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2 min readJul 20, 2022


Hello Friends!

We want to want to reveal you a great story, what became a legend…

“Legend about one hero…”

Edward-01301, latest update of the now defunct battle assistance machine, slowly powered up his main steam operated engine, not yet fully realising what has happened and why he suffered a manual power off. New senses filled parts of his half-human half machine brain, more machine than the living creature it has once been.

Is this…a forest?-a slow realisation that his thought processing cogitators were running not as they should.

Ed has never experienced the smog and disease free air of the forests. He has spent all of his standby time in one giant technological conclave in the Iron Mountains of Svart named Bellefactorium.But once Edward-01301 waited for the fiveminute start up protocol and turned on his visual receptors his world changed forever in ways he could never hoped to comprehend. His stainless steel, machine, gas and steam operated body,capable of crushing brick walls-was gone. He now resembled what can only be described as a pure being of flesh, bone and…soul?After standing up, and understanding that all of the metal has been stripped off his body, and he was now, in fact, a living being filled him with dread. Having fought countless battles for his factory in the many skirmishes that happened daily, he knew how weak flesh and bone were. For the first time he felt what he saw so many times when taking lives-fear.Months have passed since Ed started his journey out of the forests of Wan. His quest lies to uncover what happened to him, undo it, and shake the unbearable weight that is being a living organism once more.

Although little did he know, that the being who’s body he was “wearing” at the moment, was experiencing something far more sinister- the elf Ryo Erren was confined to the metal body of Edward-01301, battle assistance machine for Factory 393 in Bel

All our heroes will be available as NFTs with all the perks attributed to it.

More epic characters Of Crossworlds will be added later on so stay tuned!

Crossworlds team