Angel NFT announcement

Crossworlds Official
3 min readJun 1, 2022


Hello friends!

We are proud to present to you the first NFT artefact for our angel investors — The Blade of a Thousand Metals!

This is the first in a series of NFTs that we plan to issue in the nearest future!

“The journeyman could feel his life force draining away. But the end, the quest of his life, was so close. That thought alone gave him strength to carry on. The artefact was on the highest peak of the lowest mountain, a place seemingly inaccessible. But he managed to reach it. Almost. His world, everything he knew, changed beyond recognition the moment he laid eyes on the precious dagger. His rather primitive mind could not comprehend what was in front of him. His weak eyes could only see a fracture of the countless colours emitted by the blade. With all of his willpower concentrated in his attempt to reach for the completely alien and irresistible artefact he failed to notice the charred bones. They were everywhere. In fact, he was standing on a blackened ribcage. As he was mere inches away from the handle, a crystal woven into the pommel started to pulse with an eerie greenish light. And that was the last thing the adventurer and would be artefact-hunter ever saw. The second he touched the blade he felt like all the knowledge of the universe was opening up to him, galaxies were born and destroyed in front of his eyes. What he perceived as minutes were actually seconds. The power of all the metals combined into one was just too great for any mere mortal of the Central World. His bones continued to crack in the dim light of the crystal and a short while later everything went silent.

Unknown to all the brave souls who followed the rumour and went for their last journey to retrieve the blade of a thousand metals, there was a catch. Only a select few, a specifically chosen number of creatures were meant to find and wield the artefact. And those who were selected had only clues and weird dreams to go on. Something was always calling them, and they could not resist to answer that call.”

Every staked Angel NFT will passively farm a certain pool of CWAT as well as giving governance points.

These relics will give you a unique quest line in the game as well as special perks and possibilities that will most certainly give you an edge and improve your gameplay!

You can expect an awesome dive into the Crossworlds lore as well.

The sale starts really soon so get ready to get the first piece of our multiverse!

Getting yourself the NFTs from the Angel Investor series will help us immensely and we will be sure to give back as much as possible for your support!

Don’t forget to get whitelisted for our first private token sale. You can do that by visiting our website and just sharing you e-mail. Or you can get whitelisted during promo event,so stay tuned.

Crossworlds team.