Crossworlds Lore: Part I

Crossworlds Official
4 min readApr 8, 2024



Once, after infinite eons of years, cycles of countless rebirths, and metamorphoses of the early Universe, in the hidden depths of cosmic space, at the very center of the Universe, a celestial body formed — a colossal planet. As if following the plan of a divine architect, in precisely calibrated proportions and values, and uniquely among all known planets, it absorbed the entirety of the richness and diversity of the existing Universe within its core. The giant planet, dwelling in dense clouds of cosmic gas and enshrouded in a wreath of asteroids and stardust, illuminated by the varied colors of three colossal suns, slowly took shape. This unimaginable spectacle, whose extent and scale were truly inconceivable to the mind and perception of any mortal being, was heralded by a solemn cannonade of supernova star explosions and a composition of dazzling, colorful flashes, akin to a colossal fireworks exhibition in the infinite cosmic expanse.

The planet’s iron heart rhythmically beat, while above its surface, roaring in fiery-plasmic hurricanes, heat and columns from the depths of molten lava oceans rose. Undergoing unfathomable transformations, the fabric of reality over time metamorphosed into new phenomena and states. In their changing form and rhythm, the original laws in their evolution revealed ever-new phenomena, forming new principles hidden in the depths of the inexplicable processes of macro and micro worlds. And so, after many millions of years, the greatest creation — a child of the cosmos, time, and chance — was finally ready to present a new wonder to the world: the result of countless combinations of events and conditions forming the ever-changing paths of possible futures, an invisible thread passing through the fabric of time from the infinite past to the boundless possibilities of chaotic manifestation, revealing the first form of life.

This life could not be seen, heard, or felt in the usual understanding; there were not yet any eyes that could see it, nor a mind that could conceive or imagine it in its depths and, upon understanding, absorb it into the ocean of memory of its consciousness, witnessing this triumphant phenomenon.

Nowhere on the planet were there yet any animals, various creatures scurrying across the surface, hiding in depths, in enormous shadows, or in the thicket of vegetation, nor even the plants themselves, nor even fertile soil where these plants could have sprouted, nor even seas and oceans that could nourish this soil. All of this was not yet under the dome of the heavens, illuminated by scorching stars near the planet, lighting up these primordial arrays and the solid forms of their shape.

However, sheltered in the depths of the mantle, between the heating rays of the nearest stars and the stony thicknesses, and there, where the lethal heat from the planet’s core had not yet reached, through a web of voids and tunnels left by subterranean volcanic rivers and flows, slowly, like flowing resin and gradually extending deeper, primary matter was already paving its path, in which the potential for the emergence of something else, something that could become a new beginning in the existing universal order, was forming.

And then, only many thousands of years later, mixing with numerous elements of matter and adapting to changing conditions, this burgeoning amalgam, absorbing and processing everything in its path, grew and filled all available space. Then, pressing against the most dense, solid, and impenetrable arrays, under the pressure of its own growing mass, this basic form of life reached a critical moment, determining either a transition to an entirely new quality or a gradual degradation and death.

And so, the first life form in the universe — a colossal being, in uncomprehending panic, instinctively making every possible attempt to survive, vibrating, managed to achieve an increasing resonance, which, slowly but surely, triggered a minor earthquake, breaking the prison of space around it and opening the path for further development. This event left a profound mark, which subsequently became the basis for a new perception form and the transition of living matter to the next stage, into a new dimension, into a new quality predetermined by conditions. The creature gained consciousness, which was already pulsating in many parts of its enormous body but was still not perceived as the emergence of a new paradigm of its existence until one day, it found itself in a similar situation again, and dangerous event from the past suddenly were surfaced in the creature’s memory. The realization echoed throughout its entire being, the being which was afterward called God.