Universal disaster

Crossworlds Official
2 min readApr 17, 2024

One day, which seemed like any other, the universe was abruptly confronted with a catastrophic disaster for reasons unknown. A colossal explosion of energy erupted in the vastness of space, unleashing a deadly wave. As it collided with planets and celestial bodies shrouded in the vibrant inks of massive gas and dust clouds, it cut through them with an unbearably bright and pulsating stream of light. Accompanied by a terrifying rumble, this gigantic storm of energy mercilessly spread in all directions, consuming everything in its path. It seemed unstoppable; however, after sweeping through numerous worlds, it finally dissipated into the boundless etheric space, leaving behind destruction and the phantom roar of a wounded universe. The inhabitants of the worlds lucky enough to survive were too shocked and confused to feel grateful. As they later wandered through the ruins of their cities and hid from the scorching, dazzlingly flickering sky, they found the remains of those who were less fortunate in the shadows, casualties of being on the dark side of their planets at the moment of disaster. Civilizations long immersed in chaos and despair mourned the sudden loss of their worlds and remembered those they had lost.

The nature of this horrifying tragedy remained a mystery for many years. It was only after years of extensive research and exploration that several archmages and scholars found fragmented hints and ambiguous signs among occult secrets and ancient prophecies, piecing together the giant puzzle of these mystical events. They concluded that an interference with a divine device, which was responsible for maintaining the continuous flow and subtle interactions of key energy potentials, had led to the catastrophic collapse.

The central world, historically known as ‘Mael’ and later renamed ‘Crossworld,’ had always served as a pivotal link, harmoniously uniting all forms of life and the universal principles of various dimensions. After the catastrophic event, which swept through the universe like a roaring hurricane, ‘Mael’ suffered less damage than others, allowing it to later serve as a collective refuge. However, influenced by the universal law of balance, Crossworld became the epicenter of the most diverse and inexplicable anomalies.

Years after these tragic events, whose scale and power continued to resonate across the space of the nine worlds and even beyond, the surviving intelligent inhabitants of the planets at the epicenter of the great collapse managed to organize into something resembling disparate civilized communities. By uniting their efforts and taking control of their fate, they adapted to the new, unyielding realities. Faced with the challenge of survival, and despite their desperate situation and the deep pain of past losses, their collective efforts gradually began to restore life to its usual course, step by step rebuilding the familiar order.