To the future and back

Crossworlds Official
2 min readApr 2, 2024

Far sight on the Crossworlds game project and its conception core

Our team is working to deliver high battle dynamics and action of classical A-RPGs, with character feel and battle control similar to the best MOBA games and RPGs, and even more creativity. We are bringing a new game design concept and player experience, not just an open world or linear hack-and-slash A-RPG, not just RPG quest line locations or independent instances on the world map. We’re escaping the paradigm of linear in a nonlinear game walkthrough but creating an exceptional union of the best gaming experiences in a new form. We will fine-tune this until we make a masterpiece.

Outside the battleground, we see this as a classical RPG with a deep, immersive scenario and artistic narrative, familiar stealth and lockpicking mechanics, and riddles, bringing something new to it. We see it as a very interesting mix, and it is becoming a reality. Overall, we want to combine multiple game genres and modes.

In our game, each player’s journey is an exceptional experience. The time of our customers is an essential value in our view. That’s why we’ve made a game that not only adapts to individual lifestyles and personal time schedules but also ensures that players truly own what they have earned and achieved. We are also providing a F2P in a P2E game model because we want people who have invested their time in the game to share our success!