HELLO WORLD! Crossworlds — a new crypto-game is being developed on HIVE!

One year ago we started creating Crossworlds Arena. Half a year ago we hired a few people and got ourselves an office in which we continue to develop our project to this day.

Now we are finally ready to introduce our project to the world!

What is the project about?

Its an NFT crypto game with an emphasis on:

World lore and the game process itself. We have seen quite a few projects in both gaming and especially crypto gaming industries that ignore the importance of art concepts. The thesis is here not to judge but to improve. Until a certain point, the emphasis could have been fully on a technical or a financial side of a project. Nevertheless, taking into account the concept of memology… Or just remembering that dude who wrote Star Wars and made 10 times more money out of merchandize than from the movie itself… The characters and the world are potentially a very powerful addon to the real cost of the project:

  • deflationary mechanisms to all assets and collectables. Burn NFTs when you upgrade ‘em! We burn coins each time when a player spends them in-game. Pretty straightforward and effective methods we did not create but are using.
  • the project as a metaverse concept (the way we see it is that our project should provide the people participating to be creative in game and share that creativity with others. Some simple examples could mean player can organize a contest, tournament or a tavern event. Those game mechanics are to be developed in more detail as our core team is fully staffed.
  • DAO — it really comes out of the previous point. We do see a potential in new governance systems, however we see that there are projects that are using this abbreviation merely as a marketing tool. We will be implementing DAO elements in the later stages of the game, and we have quite ambitious plans regarding this!
  • Decentralize

There are a few exciting things coming up very soon. We will announce exclusive staking options to receive CWAT first tokens distributed, along with a little back-story of why the heck we suggest that you start staking pepecash and xcp? We will announce a seed sale round for CWAT as well as next rounds and prices. CWAT is build on HIVE so SEED rounds will be exclusively to HIVE holders. CWAT staking…And more of course! I am personally dying to see our first Angel Investor NFTs presented to you as there is also some art and a story behind it!

You are welcome to visit our website and follow us on twitter for more upcoming info!





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